Saturday, November 6, 2021

Writing at Home

The first year+ I was out over the road driving truck I started making notes for the second novel I want to write. I indulged my retail therapy needs buying books researching for it. During the summer and fall of last year I worked a local driving job and had time in my home to consolidate and focus my vision for the project. The note taking and research continues, but now I am back out over the road again and have set up a little corner of my truck as my writing space. 
I am beginning the process of typing up, editing and refining the chapters I have already scribbled into a pile of spiral bound notebooks. At a delivery the other day I dumpster dived a zz plant from a indoor plant decor place, and brought it into my corner. They thrive in low light, and it's the perfect creative companion. Slow steady progress,  even, thick glossy layer upon layer of pages and leaves.
This process has been great for my memory. I think of a few things and work to remember them through out the day while I am driving, until I can either take a break to jot them down in a notebook, or find the pace in the typed text and get it into the computer document. Taking time at home to go over all these piece-meal contributions and synthesize them is very relaxing, and a reasonable task. 

Friday, January 8, 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Re-tiling the hearth

 So today was super productive. Happily hanging out on the property on a drop dead gorgeous day, listening to music &re-tiling my hearth after we here in GA kicked Mitch McConnell the fuck out of his seat of power. Then I went out to dinner with a friend and heard the MORE news!!! So here are so pics of the tile work and a few screenshots coz I'm too tired to speak for myself: