Monday, April 27, 2015

$ide Money $trikes Again!

 When I built the plumbing system in my house I had to bite the bullet and buy a very expensive tool, because RV plumbing is a special breed of cat. I also learned how to do it RIGHT! Well, my friend recommended me (THANK YOU!!) to his friend who has been building a food truck. I very much admire and appreciate the courage and fortitude they have been Rocking & Shining as they progressed along with their venture and I wish them all the best success in the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to have just finishing helping do a beautiful and legit job for them! Tool$ & $kill$! Thanks also to our county commissioners for sticking up for food trucks in our local gov't! Our town is ringing business and opportunity to local proffessionals, and it's also great for our local supplies who, (thank goodness), have a reason to carry all the special supplies!

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