Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank you for helping me jack up my house to take the tires off! The wheel wells are finished!

A friend helped me jack up one side of my house so I could take the tires off. While I was at it to gave a look @ the shackle mounts, which were thread tapped and bolted to the frame, per the instructions on the mounts and best thinking @ the time. I even welded an extra plate to make more steel for the threads to be tapping in though. Over time I see that this was not the best installation because there is some corrosion between the frame and the mounts, and also there is play in joints! It looks as if there is enough wobble to pitch one axle higher than the other. So, This will be just another project for another day: taking the tires off and tack welding the shackle mounts in place.

The trim along the bottom edge of the wheel well, and some extra screws to hold the interior wall metal in place was the whole point of the operation.

I will also probably invest in a smaller set of tires. These were bought almost in a hurry, and was all that was available @ the time in the town i was in. They have done alright for these short moves from place to place, but I think for longer trips i will need a lower profile tire, and also to have the axles welded instead of bolted. I have a tendency to go off road!

 Front facing trim, and finally the diamond plate!

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