Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Massive Contraption" - " A Week-end Project on Steriods" - "The Ultimate Play-House" - "Life-Sized Crystal Castle"

My girl friend Emily has been braiding my hair up so I don't have to bother with it for days at a time, and it helps keep me cool! It is topping mid -upper 90 degrees! Always working in my bathing suit lately ;-)
I installed the decks... but now....NO FLOOR! I have seriously inconvenienced myself. Time to go buy the flooring! All the wiring and plumbing is done! Pictured here is a pile of 3/8" thick plywood for the wall paneling, and I ordered the flooring today from my friend Landus Bennet @ Watson Springs. 1 1/4" thick x 8" wide re-claimed yellow pine T&G will be deilverd next week!
Major Score @ the Habitat: all the trim/molding wood I will need to trim out the whole place + a sheet of aluminum diamond plate (worth @ least $200!) = $10.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So once the floor goes in the walls and the trim can go up!

 Starboard side deck. It has two extra legs, so it can be taken off the side of the trailer and become a big table!  When it folds up against the trailer it will protect the glass door while traveling.
 port side deck installed.. when it folds up it protects the doors while traveling. the legs are galvanized steel pipe screwed into flange plates. This deck is more narrow than the other, and it can be taken off the side of the trailer and used a ramp to move things in and out of the house.

 Port side deck

I used the left over PEX tubing I had as conduit for the 12 gauge wire I ran to each pump. They are all DC, 6 amps max, each with separate wiring.

 wire nut connections inside a little handy box next to each pump

 I want to put up the ceiling paneling in the bathroom, but first I need to make anchors for the shower curtain rod behind the paneling (which will be light and thin to anchor into... so I am making this octagon out of copper pipe.
Home as seen from the street across the creek and up the hill

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