Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Creative Copper Plumbing

These pictures below are from designing, building the drain for the bathroom
 Crappy Scrap from the plumbing shack
 getting ready to dry fit everything together. building my own P trap..
 1.5" copper reducing down to .5" PEX
These are the drains.. ready to be sweat together. the larger on is the tub, the smaller one for the sink,. and they connect together. the last T in the larger one is for the vent
I am building the drains for my bathroom. They have to be installed after the wheel well is done and before the bottom is enclosed, so I am getting it all ready to go.
Sweated sections together.. trial fit up and then further assembly ...Here it is, with only two joints to be sweat together on site. Looks to me like a crazy under-sea creature...

 If I ever fall on seriously hard times I can always sell my plumbing! ;-)
TRIAL FIT UP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And here is the final fit up. The sink rain, seen behind the main tub drain, ended up needing a slip trap, and the vent became a stair step as I ran out of pipe an ha to scavenge more. his was kind of tricky to solder into place. 

 The drain vent exiting out of the wall, along with the bathroom fan vent.

 Stubs coming up in the bathroom.
Stair step drain vent

Other pile of creative plumbing ready to be installed!

 When it comes to bending copper tubing, if one doesn't have a pipe bender, you can use a hammer, or your hands, and solid rounded objects to work against... but the trick is to fill the tubing with sugar or salt and plug the ends up with tape, so that the tubing doesn't get crushed as you bend it.

Sugar running

 Finished the copper assembly and mounted it to the newly painted bathroom wall. Counter on top again! So nice to have all that stuff where it is supposed to be, and to see the vision before me in reality.

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  1. Very inspirational blog. I hope to follow your example soon.