Sunday, May 7, 2017

YES! Worms at Work!

The population is growing! Soon there will be enough worms to handle the volume, but in the meantime....just soes you knows: YES! worms can turn food waste and human waste into "Black Gold!" So, if you get squeemish feelings every time you drop a big fat juicy turd into a couple gallons of  perfectly good drinking water, there IS a better way that not only saves the water but also can feed your garden too! And not only that, but using a composting toilet come sin handy for rhetorical purposes. If you end up, like me, having a nagging, irrepressible urge to talk to others about how to reduce their own carbon foot print, and they try to make excuses, or call you a hypocrite for pointing things out you can say, "I'm not pretending my own shit doesn't stink. I know it does because I take responsibility for it!"
Speaking of a squeemish feeling: I remember when I first started pooing in a sawdust filled bucket...boy did I feel weird! Ever since I was a little kid I felt embarrassed by the plop sound that poo makes when it hit the water, and in a public bathroom I would hold it until I was alone so no one would hear me poop.  Saw dust makes no plopping sound, so thinking about that was the first trick I pulled to re-adjust my mind to a new paradigm, but still...I felt so weird when I first got started with this. I would kind of gag and get a creepy crawly feeling when I started handling the composting operation. How incredibly suggestible and habit forming our minds are! Anyways, needless to say, I got over it.

I have posted this little tidbit before, but it's worth saying again: being a vegetarian/vegan makes human poo WAY less stinky than meat-eater poo. I am used to it now. It's a mild and sweet smell, and I use incense also, which I have noticed is common in bathroom with flush toilets too.

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