Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Last Wall

 Ha ha! This photo came out upside-down! Well, anyways. I had tried once already to put a piece of paneling up around the last unfinished wall, the curved bathroom wall. But I cracked the first panel I tried to use because I just assumed that it was thin enough to be able to flex around the curve. That was sort of a good thing because I used it to finish the walls and nose compartment in the kitchen. That inspired me to build the cabinet cases, which have made my world a lot nicer and more organized.. but today was the day to finish the initial project: paneling the last wall! So this time I marked and pre-cut the piece to fit, including the hole for the hallway light, and trapped it in a curved position with weights for a day to give it the right shape.
 And then I wedged it into place with some boards and some brute force (what little I have), screwed it to the frame and cut out the openings for the bathroom vent and the loft bedroom foot steps.

 Nice smooth curve! No more catching my clothes on the exposed steel, no more bumping into the insulation and making it fall out...no more paneling to buy (which always means getting a ride to transport it). Trim, caulk, and paint and then it's done!
My friend Ken is coming to visit me tomorrow, and he has been with me through pretty much every phase of boobie-trap my house has been: from jagged edge to tiger pit...so I really want him to be impressed by all the progress I have made, despite bike vs car near death, bone vs waterfall set back, and drunken neighbor antics over the past year!

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