Thursday, January 22, 2015

Home made door hinges

I just got a new transmission put on my mountain/cart hauling bike the other day. I always go to Ben's Bikes!
You can't beat the price of a bike as your primary mode of transportation! $140 for a whole new transmission with all this towing capacity!  And you can't beat the benefits to your back side either! Anyways....I rent shop time on the MIG welder they have in the back, so the other day I made the door hinges I have scavenged the parts for.
After a good scrub with Naval Jelly to take the rust + paint off I cut them down into pieces and order some cast iron barrel hinges from eBay.

 First I tack welded, also in part to see if the bracket pieces were going to split... maybe they were cast steel, which can get very brittle.....also, the welder is run off a long extension cord, so you have to turn the voltage way up! But, all looked god so I made two passes over each side of each joint.
 Even with little move-able objects, I am a good welder. No porosity!

 Hinges for the bedroom door.
 Hinges for the bathroom door. Next step is to prime and paint them, but I am not sure which color yet!

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