Monday, August 25, 2014

Trixd out tofu bucket panniers for CLIMATE JUSTICE RIDE

I just finished pimping my ride for my upcoming bike tour vacation. I followed the ideas from a couple of Instructables (search "Kitty litter/Plastic bucket Panniers). I got 2 tofu buckets from the White Tiger BBQ joint, 4 J shaped hooks, 2 S hooks,  7 bolts with nuts+washers from the hardware store and 3 belts from the thrift store.  I used heat shrink tubing to cover the J hooks so they don't scratch up my rack, the nylon belt became the handles, the stretchy belt became the bungee that holds the buckets to the bike and I cut up the  the canvas belt with the grommets and sewed it to the stretchy belt, using the grommets to put the bolts through. I used some scraps of 1/4" plywood left over from my house inside the provide some support for the bolts and caulked the edges of the plywood. I cut off the ends of the bolts and covered them with caulk too. I added that little luggage rack on the front, and it still folds up to the the size of a suitcase. Not pictured.. new lights!!!!!


I have been riding them around town for the past few days. I will take extra electrical tape just in case I need to re-wrap the hooks, but so far they can off-road ;-).

Here are links to the stages of my route. Since I am making this ride in order to get to the People's Climate March ( see ) I am calling this CLIMATE JUSTICE RIDE

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