Thursday, July 10, 2014


About a year ago I pulled up the 1/2" plywood I had been using as a temporary floor because I had to build all the plumbing and run all the electrical wiring. Well, all that's done... so
The flooring for the main deck of the house. Re-claimed red/yellow pine milled to spec by Watson Spring! 220 square feet. .75" x 5".
Steel fully exposed. everything (almost) OUT!

" Re-claimed" means lots of character and a lot that is not use-able. It took me whole day to pick through the pile and glean what was useful. Lots of character.
Gonna get dirty and sweaty and make a huge mess     Me n' this piece of wood wanted to have our picture taken together Advice from a novice to a novice: When trying to cut multiple 90 degree cuts, use the framing square as a guide. Hold it as far away from the line you want to cut (eye-ball it) as the saw guard is wide and hold your saw against the straight edge as you cut the wood.

Huge mess after getting all that could be used out of the stack
Totally random lengths of what was useful. So I made myself a little library from shortest to longest and just got started. I wanted to make as few cuts as possible, and have as many joints rest of joists as possible.
First I figured how many rows would be needed to get from port to starboard side with un-cut rows of boards, and then split the difference of the remaining space. I cut the first row half of that total distance and then just got started... laying wood around the storage hatch openings  
One Row @ a Time 
Looking up - Looking back @ progress

 used knot holes to pass wiring and plumbing up from the basement
 Paper to make the pattern for the curve around the bathroom wall

 This is how to cut a curve.. one little section @ a time

Put my favorite pieces in the hall-way
, but that's weak praise because so many pieces have so much character. RE-CLAIMED WOOD! The smell of the fresh cut pine is so invigorating!

used my baseball bat to tap them into place

This opening is so large so that if I ever need to I can easily remove the steel and crawl into the basement through this hole. 2'x2'

 Looking up

the solar battery bank compartment

 Looking back

 The hatch doors
 the hatch doors in place

 All in place, unfinished wood.

Tight fit around the hearth
 Looking Forward. BOOM!

floor of closet/storage/tiny bedroom for one of my Japanese friends.
 It is 32" x 57", or 12 square feet '-)

This hatch leads to the bucket sand filter and pumps


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