Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting to work in my new digs!

I lifted up the bathroom floor and had access to this vent area so that I could trim it in metal. This was the only thing needing to be done before I could start installing the bathroom paneling. While towing last week I watched how important weight distribution is for the vehicle while in transit. having all this paneling just laying in a pile is not the best way to travel, so I am installing it even though it did not seem like a priority for moving to Canada.

 This brick textured metal sheet was designed and sold as skirting for mobile homes, but it has be dis-continued. I bought all that there was in the region @ a reduced price, thinking it would be good to use in the bathroom because it is water proof and much more light weight than the typical RV material : FPR.

 I used a clear trash bag to make a pattern on the wall of where the holes needed to be cut in the paneling to accommodate the window, outlets, electrical wire for the heater and mounting hole for the counter top and plumbing assembly mounting board.
 I am so glad to have the decks to walk on and move around as needed for working!  I have finished installing the hood vent for the kitchen and putting up the vapor barrier, almost for the entire house. Here is an after and before shot of the kitchen ceiling.

 Back work area, patio hang out spot.

 Right by a creek!
 Just wait until the solar panels are on the roof!!! Look at all that sun shining!!!!

 The yard of the house to which I am the newest neighbor!

 The creek is bordered on both sides by what is known as a "Riparian Buffer". I am parked right on the edge of this "Riparian Buffer"

 So nice to see green when I look out the windows in the mornings!

Installing more of the recycled curtains as vapor barrier

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