Thursday, December 19, 2013

A few new photos from my friend and SHERO Emily Monetsinos!

 Bad A$$ plumbing. this is one of two assemblies alike in kind. this one is built for servicing the bathroom, the other for the kitchen sink.

these are the decks. I am using them as walking platforms inside before I finish installing them
 Port side deck, will mount along side the three paneled door.

 Port side deck, will mount along side the three paneled door.

Port side deck, will mount along side the three paneled door.
 bath tub
 been collecting pallet wood to build frames to stick-build the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling panel frames
 tight wiring
 scrap roofing for them, ceiling tiles for me. I have been eyeing these tiles for more than a year, on the roof of a vacant, decrepit house on the street front in the neighborhood near where my trailer is parked. On Thanksgiving day, on my way to meet the one eyed grandmother I stopped there because the man who owns the house and in restoring it, and his helper were ripping the tiles off! He is giving them all to me to create ceiling panels, framed with wood
 the same fellow who has given me all the ceiling tiles has also given me a fair amount of copper sheet to keep working with, I want to use it to create a back splash to the kitchen counters.
the two blocks have the negative space to allow for the backing washers, to be able to take the whole thing off the wall if something goes wrong It will just be mounted with L brackets, and also the top can serve as a shelf.
  working @ chiseling out these left over hunks of cherry to make a fixture mount for the bath tub facet.. perforating before chiseling, because tapping the wood too hard causes it to split.
 this is where and how to goes, I just need someone to hold it up while I attach it to the ceiling

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