Sunday, June 10, 2012

Solar Power: Working and Learning

These are pictures from working for Drew Bowen Electric installing solar systems. I am a grunt worker, also known as a Farkie, but learning a hellavalot! and getting ready to install the solar system on my trailer!!!!

 Figuring the lay-out for the array and getting ready to place the feet.
 Feet placed, the metal flanges are slid up under shingles that have been gently pried up, checked for the placement of the sud of the truss below, caulked and screwed into place.
 Installing the micro-inverters, one for each panel. This is a feature of some systems that allows the owner to monitor the efficiency of each panel in the array
 Setting the rails in place to mount the panels and inverters to.
 Over-cast in Hahira...which was a HUGE blessing as it is usually 90+ degrees there this time of year.
 Micro inverters
 Setting the panels in place.
 Connecting the panels to it's inverter.
 Left side array.
" Hey G.. do they look straight?"
 AFTER -One of two arrays in Hahira GA, just north of Valdosta, Georgia... there is also another array of 7 panels on the other side of the buildings.
 Okay, so this is on the roof of the R.E. I store in Atlanta, on Clairmont Road and I-85. Here is the first work of assembling the racking infrastructure.
 Setting the rails the panels will be mounted to.
 The risers installed in the feet. One short, one long, to tilt the panels @ an angle.
 Through bolting the rails.
 Rails, nice and straight.
Each foot is made from 2 recycled tires.
 Laying out the feet.
 We advance across the white expanse.
 Jay, one of the head electricians on the job.
 Miquelito and Me.
 Daniel Evans Tinsley took care of Monkey while I was in Hahira for three days... when I got home I brought him a baseball.
Monkey was so happy when I got home. I gave him a baseball and he lay on his back and wiggled!


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