Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art Bus Adventure!!!!


My new friends Pete and Ari from Vermont came down to Athens to convert their school bus to run on veggie oil. One day they came to help me work on the roof, Pete is a wizard with card board, and he put together the metal work for the back of the roof over the bay windows in a way that I could never have done. After we worked we went back to my friend's house where I was house sitting and Julian and I made a triple batch of home made pasta, I invited Jacob and my new friend Daniel over to eat, and we tucked in. Pete and Ari showed Daniel around on the bus, and he was really taken by it. He has been a student of The University of Georgia, but has recent;y become disillusioned with the field he was in, and the whole "system" in general. So, he dropped out of school and prayed to be open to the visions. We had gone on a walk a few days earlier, and he was talking about selling his car...and the next thing I know, he had! When he met Pete and Ari he asked them if he could hit the road with them, and this morning at about 2 am they all three left The Waffle House together, heading to Florida and then California! I can't wait to see the next blog post!

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